#TipTuesday – Curating YouTube Playlists

We've already looked at how to embed media into a Google Form in a previous post, but another great way to utilize videos in your class, is by curating your own YouTube playlists for easy access and sharing with students.  Here's how: Log in to Google, if you haven't already, and then go to YouTube … Continue reading #TipTuesday – Curating YouTube Playlists


#TipTuesday – Getting started with GoogleForms

Google Forms is constantly revising, reiterating, and adding new features and a smoother look.  I recently created the following video to show the beginner around Google Forms, and the features listed below: Create a Google Form Add questions Embed media (great for flipping your class!) Divide form into sections, and direct flow Make the form … Continue reading #TipTuesday – Getting started with GoogleForms