#TipTuesday – Sharing and Sending Google Forms

Once you've created your Google Form using all the snazzy features we looked at last week, you'll want to either share it for collaborating with others, and most definitely send it out so you can collect information from others, be that colleagues, parents, or students. In this video we look at your main options: sharing … Continue reading #TipTuesday – Sharing and Sending Google Forms


#TipTuesday – Getting started with GoogleForms

Google Forms is constantly revising, reiterating, and adding new features and a smoother look.  I recently created the following video to show the beginner around Google Forms, and the features listed below: Create a Google Form Add questions Embed media (great for flipping your class!) Divide form into sections, and direct flow Make the form … Continue reading #TipTuesday – Getting started with GoogleForms