Keep Learning all Summer Long

What better way to spark learning and curiosity than by providing the kiddos with fun, hands-on learning experiences this summer?  A family vacation is always fun, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or require endless hours in the car.  Trips can be local, or you can even find ways to keep kids learning right in your own backyard.

Visit the library  It’s important to keep kids reading, and improving those literacy skills.  But the best way is to take them to the library and let them choose some books on their favorite topics.  What things most interest them?  How can they learn more?

Build with legos  For the engineers among us, building can be a great form of play that stretches kids’ imaginations.  They can build free-form art, a building, vehicle, or even a spaceship.

Go stargazing  Summer nights are great for taking the kids outside to watch the stars at night.  Identify constellations and planets, and then follow up with more day learning.

Experiment with cooking  TED-Ed has a great lesson about the chemistry of baking cookies.  Why not try it out at home?  Kids practice measuring, fractions, and proportions and then mix and bake for a fun and delicious treat!  


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