One website I (and my class) can’t live without

YouTube.  YouTube has so many great videos and channels and producers of quality educational content.  I’ve mentioned several here, but today I’d like to share with you one great example, and that is the YouTube channel “Nerdy Nummies”.  Here is one sample video of what this author-creator showcases on her channel:

This channel as you can see is pushing 9 million subscribers.  Most of these avid viewers are children ages 12-18.  It is clear that our K-12 students are frequent users of YouTube.  Nerdy Nummies caters to those with an interest in baking, but YouTube can be used to fuel student curiosity and learning through all sorts of videos teaching many different skills and topics to students.  I’ve subscribed to several great channels, and when it comes time to plan a lesson, usually a quick scroll through these channels harvests me a great number of options to use with my students, either in class or when I flip class and ask them to do some learning from home.  (See this blog post to see how to flip your classroom using Google Forms and YouTube.)


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