Google Forms: Top Features

As we recently discussed, Google Forms is great for so very many reasons.  And it comes loaded with features that are being added to daily.  So… where to start?

Question Types

Once you’ve created your Google Form, adding questions is easy–on the right side of your form, you will see a small + button.  Click there and you will see several options:


Most of these question types are self explanatory, but the linear scale is great for rating things numerically, and the multiple choice grid works well for rating multiple things based on the same scale.

The + sign on the right sits above several other options, including:

  • Text – Great for including some preface before a section of questions, relevant text, explanation, or reference back to class discussions
  • Image – In my Geography class, this was great for including a map as reference, to which students could refer back as they answered questions
  • Video – This is great if you are using Google Drive to flip your class.  Simply include a video right in your form, and follow it with questions.
  • Sections – These two bars represent section divisions within your form.  This makes for easy organization of the flow of your form.  You can direct students based on answers, or simply break up the monotony of a longer form.

Sending your Form

Once you’ve successfully created your Form, you’ll want to send it so you can start collecting information.  Using the big SEND button in the upper right, you will get many options:


You can send a specific email along with the form, or you can choose the Send via… link icon, to grab the link for easy sharing in another location, or the < > to grab the embed code.  Additionally you can share it on your social media accounts.  It all depends on how you want to share this form, and with whom.


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